Handmade Stock - Scotts Ukulele
Handmade Soprano Ukulele from Scottish Rippled Sycamore, oblique frontal view
Vintage Martin Style Soprano Ukulele
Comprised mostly of Scottish Rippled Sycamore

Top, Neck & Sides - Scottish Sycamore
American Walnut Back

Solid Ebony Nut & Saddle, Mahogany Bridge

Grover™ Friction Tuners

Figured Katalox Fretboard, MOP Fret Inlay Marker Dots
Fitted with L.R.Baggs FIVE.O Ukulele Specialist Pickup System

Handmade Soprano Ukulele, side photo from back View of the Soundhole of a Soprano Ukulele Vintage Martin Style Soprano Ukulele, by Sean Ash, London Luthier LR Baggs Ukulele FIVE.O Prickup System American Walnut Back of Soprano Ukulele, by Sean Ash Exotic Tonewood Fretboard on Soprano Ukulele - Fugured Katalox - Sean Ash Plan for constucting Vintage Martin Soprano Ukulele
Beyond any doubt, the LR Baggs FIVE.O Ukulele Pickup System transforms the quiet Soprano Ukulele into a resonating instrument. Especially true out of the studio & in live performances.
So this Ukulele comes fitted with the L.R. Baggs Five.O system & the installation is included in the total price.

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