Handmade Stock - A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin
A4 Style Mandolin finished in the classic Gibson Goldtop
A4 Style Mandolin - Gibson Goldtop Finish
Crafted with Combined Tonewoods of English & American Walnut & Cedrela

Solid Ebony Radiused Fretboard, inlayed with copper & mahogany marker dots, paired at the 12th (octave) fret.

Luxury Solid Brass Tuners
Solid Cast Iron, Jewel Quality ™ Tailpiece
Ebony Hand Carved Compensating Adjustable Bridge.
Piano Black Headstock Plate

Oval Sound Hole, Swallows Decoration

350 mm Scale Length

A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin - fitted with Solid Brass Tuners A4 Style Mandolin Piano Black Peghead A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin, Arched Back Shot A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin Full Frontol Shot A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin inclduding Hand Carved Ebony Bridge A4 Style Goldtop Mandolin Soundhole Photo Allen™ Mandolin Tailpiece Closeup Photo Goldtop Mandolin Solid Ebony Fretboard Photo Goldtop Mandolin Solid Ebony Fretboard, second Detail Photo
The Walnut in this Mandolin generates a sweet, distinctive edgy tone with warm rounded basses

Warm Mellow Tone, & Dinstinctive Smokey Appearance & Feel


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