Handmade Stock - 10 String Mandolin
Ten String Mandolin full size frontal view

10 String Mandolin

Finished in Canary Yellow

Five sets of paired strings - tuned C₂G₃D₄A₄E₅
(string gauges 0.052, 0.034, 0.024, 0.014, 0.010)

Combined Tonewoods of Sitka Spruce, American Black Walnut, English Walnut (reclaimed from a Victorian Piano), quarter sawn Construction Maple & a Unique Tiger Oak Fretboard.

MOP Fret Inlay Dots, paired at the 12th (octave) fret

Bone Nut, Solid Ebony Compensating Bridge

Tortoise Shell Binding

Oval Sound Hole, 'Swallows & Stars' Decoration

365mm Scale Length

Ten String Mandolin front view Ten String Mandolin, Walnut back view Ten String Mandolin Tiger Oak Fretboard Ten String Mandololin Peghead Ten String Mandolin Sound Hole Ten String Mandolin Bridge close up shot Ten String Mandolin Bridge second close up shot
With the additional set of strings, This mandolin starts to take on the feel & volume of a guitar, while it is really a combination of mandolin & mandola.
The additional set of strings allows for a deep bass to be added to chords & riffs, or a distinctive accompanying bass line.

Resonates in the room with a rich sublime tone

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