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Mandolin & Mandocello Strings

★80/20 BRONZE★

80/20 Bronze is the original acoustic string alloy selected by D'Addario in the 1930s. Produces a crisp, deep and projecting tone and appeals to many traditionalists and vintage enthusiasts for their historical significance.


2 sets of 10s in stock

★Phospor Bronze Ball End Mandolin Strings★

EJ70's contain the E and A strings from a medium gauge mandolin set with the slightly lighter D and G strings from a light gauge set


3 sets of 11s in stock

★EJ78 Mandocello, Phosphor Bronze, 22-74 ★

D'Addario J78's are designed and gauged for the larger-scale, bowl-shaped bodied mandocello. The mandocello's four double courses of strings are generally tuned C to A.


5 sets in stock

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