Hand Carved Bridges

Hand Carved Mandolin Bridges - from Exotic Tonewoods Pink Ivory, Ebony & 'The Tree of Life'.

Hand Carved Mandolin Bridge from Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory Mandolin Bridge

Solid Ebony Adjustable & Compensating Mandolin Bridge

Ebony Mandolin Bridge
(New Stylish Design)

Hand Carved Mandolin Bridge from The Tree of Life Tonewood

Tree of Life Mandolin Bridge

Often overlooked but essential to intonation setup - the choice of Mandolin Bridge can make a definitive audible difference to sound quality. The mandolin bridge should be strong enough to support the pressure of the strings; using dense tonewoods so the slots don't widen or deepen as the strings are plucked - effectively altering the pitch of the notes played. And it must connect with the sound board - cut to mimic the arch of the top (alternatively cut flat for flat top mandolins). Four sets of angled grooves are carved perpendicular to the line of the strings. This creates a contact point allowing for tuning compensation of each string set. Further grooves are 'slotted' to keep the strings lodged in place, preventing horizontal movement when plucked. This prevents 'buzzing' so the strings ring clearly. All these factors add to the clarity and sustain of the notes played.

left handed compensating mandolin bridge

Left Handed Compensating Mandolin Bridge

£55 incl. UK shipping

Choice of Solid Ebony, Pink Ivory or The Tree of Life

Leftie Bridges Also Available

Using a selection of exotic tone woods I can supply you with solid, eye pleasing hand carved mandolin bridges, from species including Pink Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri), Ebony (Diospyros) and 'The tree of Life' (Lignum Vitae). Pink Ivory is especially hard and compact and was used by the Zulu tribes in Africa for their spear heads - producing a sharp tip resistant to blunting. This tonewood is absolutely stunning and exhibits a neon glow when polished, & feels more like ivory hence its common name. Ebony is commonly used as fret boards, typically jet black in colour without any visible grain pattern and has the appearance of black silk. Lignum Vitae - 'The Tree of Life' - is the most dense wood. Used in the past to make trunctions used by the UK police, and as mallets in woodworking. Also it has slightly oily characteristics, which prevents if from drying out completely, and because of this it was also used to make ships propellers. Lignum Vitae is scientifically proven to be the densest wood that grows.