Setups, Repairs & Renovations to Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolins etc.

★ Guitar Refretting ★ Revarnishing ★ Bridge Replacement ★ Nut Replacement ★ Setups ★
★ Intonation Adjustment ★ Pickup Installations

Electric Guitar Bridge Intonation Adjustment PhotoAcoustic Guitar Fretboard Action AdjustmentArchtop Guitar Bridge

As well as Guitars, other instruments are handled - Ukuleles, Banjos, Bouzoukis, Mandolas & other fretted instruments.

Work on the string family of instruments is also accepted.

Most work is undertaken at my London / UK workshop in Peckham

And please note, for customers in the North of England, I also have a small workshop located in Stockport / Manchester

*Fretted Instruments - Common Repairs & Prices
 Acoustic or Electric Guitar full Refret   £150 
 Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar Refret (bound fretboard)  £175
 Electric Guitar Refret (bound, lacquered fretboard) -Typically Fender Telecaster £225
Re-attach Bridge - Steel String or Classical Guitar £55
New Bridge - Acoustic Instruments - Parts+
Mandolin full Refret £95
Mandolin full Rrefret (bound fretboard) £125
Partial re-fret - £5 per fret +
Broken Nut(replacement) - Cost of Parts+
Guitar or Mandolin Refurbishment POA
Split Headstock POA
Pickup Installation - All Acoustic Instruments £45
! For Repairs to Bouzoukis, Mandolas, Banjos, Ukuleles - any other Fretted Instruments, Please Enquire !
* Exclusive the cost of new sets of strings

Replacement Hardware & Other Parts
Guitar Tuners  £20 to £126 
Mandolin Tuners (A-style) £20 to £135
Mandolin Tuners (F-style)) £32 to £160
Ukulele Tuners £16 to £68
Banjo Tuners up to £210
Bass Tuners up to £200
*Replacement Bridge - Archtop Guitar £52
 *Replacement Bridge - Archtop Mandolin  £45
 Guitar Bridge Pins - Set of 6 - Plastic £5.10
 **Guitar Bridge Pins - Set of 6 - Solid Ebony £18.30
 **Guitar Bridge Pins - Set of 6 - Titanium £82
 Fit End Pin with Guitar Strap £23 to £250
* Hand Carved Ebony - Adjustable - Compensating
** Enhances Tone & appearance of any acoustic guitar.
Titanium pins take the tone/sustain of your acoustic to the next level

Fretted Instrument Setups
(Prices include attaching new strings)

Setup for a 6 String Electric/Steel String Acoustic Guitar/Nylon String Classical + new Strings
£45The Setup for Electric Guitar includes a new set of
D'Addario EPS530 ProSteel Strings.
(Normally £8.80 Retail)

& for the Acoustic Setup, D'Addario EJ10 80/20 Plain Steel & Bronze Wound are included

For Classical Guitars EJ43 Pro-Arté Nylon Core . Alternatively Pro-Arté Lightly Polished composites - add £19 to the setup

Setup for a 12 String Acoustic Guitar + new strings
£65Setup for 12 String Acoustic Guitar includes a new set of
D'Addario EJ36 Bronze Wound Strings.
(Normally £12.10 Retail)

Electric Bass Guitar Calibration + new Strings
£70The Electric Bass Setup includes a new set of
D'Addario EPS180 ProSteel Bass Strings(Normally £25.50 Retail). Alternatively ETB92 Black Nylon Tapewounds - add £38 to the setup

Setup for a Flat or Archtop Mandolin + new Strings
£45Setup for mandolin includes a new set of D'Addario EJ62 Bronze Strings.
(Normally £9.90 Retail).
Alternatively D'Addario EJ70 Phosphor Bronze for mandolins requiring Ball End strings

Setup for a 10-string Mandolin + new Strings
£55Setup for a 10-string mandolin includes a combination of D'Addario EJ73 10s & EJ72 Mandola Strings - to support tuning C₂G₃D₄A₄E₅ (Loop End Strings Only)

Setup for a Mandola + new Strings
£50Setup for mandola includes a new set of D'Addario EJ72 Strings. Alternatively EFT76 Flat Tops (add £23 to the setup)

Alternative Strings
★Flat Tops for Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin★
For a smoother playing surface & reduced finger noise. Better for recording & slide playing.
£21.50 for Guitar
& £27.50 for Mandolin
£38.50 for Mandola
★Gypsy Jazz★
Designed for "Django" & other Jazz Style Guitars. Silverplated strings with a warm, projecting tone. Loop & ball end available.
£12.50 a set
★Silk & Steel Folk Guitar★
For guitarists using traditional fingerstyle technique, prefering a warm, mellow tone.
£15 a set. Also available for 12-String - £19 a set.
★Tapewound Bass Strings★
These Black Nylon Bass Strings offer the ideal combination of warm, deep tones with an ultra-smooth feel. £63 a set

Setups for other Instruments -
Please Enquire!

About the 'Setup'
Whether you have a Gibson Firebird acoustic, or a unbranded, unknown weathered acoustic guitar, the way the instrument is setup can make a remarkable difference to the tone & its playability.

A professional setup may be the quickest & most economic way to greatly enhance your instruments tone, sustain & playability, & involves checking & adjusting the main components.

And quite possibly, after a professional setup you may even defer the purchase of that dream guitar you had in mind!

Bowl Back Mandolin
Restoration + Case

These delicate bowlback
mandolins arrived in the UK via Italy and/or from the USA. Often collected & shipped to the UK in the hands of returning war veterans. Subsequentally handed down & left in attics & discovered later.

They can be quite old, though even as antiques do not usually hold much monetary value. But they are often brough to me as heirlooms for repairs & refurbishment, & restored to playable condition - to the absolute delight of their owners.

Above is the asking price for such a repair to a bowlback mandolin in poor condition. Though this can be less if you have one in reasonable condition. Please get in touch if you wish to have a old bowlback mandolin restored to its former glory.

Summer 2021 -
Back from the Brink!

Restored during Lockdown!!

This inherited bowlback mandolin has been rescued & restored to playable condition.

Photos show individual components before & after restoration.


Soundhole / Fretboard

Full Size / Body

Repaired Back


Also Handling Classical String Instruments - Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass.

Strings for Strings

Complete range of strings available for violin, viola, cello & double bass. Full sets or single strings.
Please inquire with your request by mail or phone - 07766677429

Violin Repairs, Strings & Accessories
*Violin Setup+New Set of Strings £50
*Violin Setup+New Bridge+New Set of Strings £65
*Violin Setup+New Tailpiece+New Set of Strings £75
New Set of Violin Tuning Pegs up to £58
Violin Detachable Pickup/Preamp up to £210
Violin Re-furbishment POA
New Violin Fingerboard POA
! For any other Violin Repairs, or for Repairs to Violas, Cellos or Double Bass - please inquire !
*Choice of strings available, ranging upwards in price & quality

*!Clearance Offer!*

Beginners/Student Violin Outfit - £115

Full Size - 4/4 - Includes Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin & Tuner
Payment is by cash or BACS

Antoni 'Debut' Beginners Violin Outfit
+ £10 for customers able to visit my workshop for a one-off introductory lesson in the absolute basics - tuning, setup & bow handling.